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The ritual of thermotherapy exists since more than 2000 years. It is practiced in the Scandinavian countries, but also in Asia and even in North America. Other peoples have also incorporated rituals similar in their customs: one can think of the Amerindians with the "sweat lodge", the Aztecs with the "temazcals", as well as the Romans who frequented the baths or even Maghreb countries with the hammams

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Add a wellness service to your Usva experience! Whether you choose a relaxation massage, a yoga private class or a guided meditation, allow yourself to go deeper into relaxation.

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Thermal Experience

You will never feel that much relaxed!

Treat yourself to a moment of complete wellness as you alternate between the 3 steps of the thermal cycle.

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Natural Beauty

Enjoy a moment of unparalleled relaxation by receiving a delightful natural beauty treatment that will restore radiance and health to your skin.

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Thermal experience

The ritual of the thermal cycle consists of alternating between hot and cold, and continuing with a period of rest until reaching the deep relaxation.It is a passive exercise to integrate into your lifestyle to improve your physical and mental health, and thus contribute to your well-being.To get the most benefit, it is recommended to repeat the thermal cycle at least three times.

A reservation is required. 


Step 1

Heat - 10 min


Step 2

Cold - 30sec


Step 3

Relaxation - 20 min

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When booking for any service or treatment, get 25% off on a day pass for the thermal experience !
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Hungry and thirsty ? Come meet us at the café where you can pursue your experience in a relaxing environment !

Our café is licenced and provides a variety of healthy snacks and drinks.