The ritual of thermotherapy exists since more than 2000 years. It is practiced in the Scandinavian countries, but also in Asia and even in North America. Other peoples have also incorporated rituals similar in their customs: one can think of the Amerindians with the "sweat lodge", the Aztecs with the "temazcals", as well as the Romans who frequented the baths or even Maghreb countries with the hammams.

It was after a family trip to Iceland that Geneviève Nolet, founder of Usva, fell in love with thermotherapy.

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"Over there, saunas, outdoor hot pools, cold showers are a real lifestyle. People practice thermotherapy after their day's work, all year round. I wanted to promote thermotherapy in the Atlantic, because it is fairly well established in Quebec, Ontario and even in Western Canada."

Geneviève Nolet, Founder – CEO, Vision Manager


our mission

Our Mission

A stress free life for all

Our mission is to offer you a unique wellness bubble, simply!

our mission

Our Values

The values guiding our every day actions are

PASSIONwe thrive to inspire through everything we do

KINDNESSwe value kindness through all our actions, little or big

BALANCEwe prone a balanced lifestyle for the well-being of our guests, employees, families and friends

QUALITYwe always strive to surpass your expectations