1. No photos or videos. Please leave your cell phone in your locker.

2. No outside food or drink.

3. Smoking, vaping or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

4. Respect all silent zones (saunas and rest areas) and whispering zones (everywhere else, including changing rooms and Café)

5. Any departure from the site, even temporarily, will be considered final.

6. Swimsuits are mandatory.

7. Always wear sandals while on the site.

8. Wear a bathrobe or shirt to access the Café.

9. Usva Spa Nordik is not held responsible for any losses of personal effects, namely forgotten, damaged or stolen items on our premises (including the parking lot).

10. Weather conditions being out of our control, no financial compensation will be offered if we have to temporarily close pools, saunas or other equipment. Note that these decisions are made for your own safety.

11. Usva Spa Nordik assumes no responsibipty for the non-comppance with the medical contraindications psted on our onpne platforms. If in doubt, please direct your questions to a staff member for more information.