Improve your physical and mental health

The benefits of the thermal experience are numerous. It contributes to your physical and mental health. Its benefits are felt immediately and over time.

The fact that thermotherapy speeds up recovery and healing makes some physicians recommend it to their patients who are injured or have chronic pain, rheumatism or arthritis. According to some studies, thermotherapy would also be an effective ally in the fight against mild depression, loss of appetite and anorexia.

This is why a visit to Usva Spa Nordik contributes to your well-being, not only during the hours you spend with us, but also during the days that follow.

Promotes improved physical health
Encourages better sleep
Stimulates the immune system
Deeply cleanses the body by eliminating toxins
Cleans, tones, and tightens the skin and gives it elasticity and firmness
Improves blood circulation
Improved nutrient absorption and digestion
Slows body aging

Improves mental health

Encourages relaxation and eliminates fatigue

Reduces accumulated stress and tension

Improves memory and mental alertness

Creates peace of mind

Improves athletic performance

Soothes muscle aches and pains

Improves breathing (slower and deeper)

Aids body remineralization